I have been informed by the Republican Club of Pennsauken Township (Camden County) that the Township is seeking to pass a very restrictive ordinance regulating the use of cameras to video record public Township Committee meetings.

One of the provisions of the proposed ordinance requires that citizens who record meetings, shall, at the end of the meeting, give the original recording to the Clerk for duplication and that the original can be picked up by the citizen within five business days of the meeting.

This, of course, precludes a citizen from watching or broadcasting the recording the day after the meeting.

The proposed ordinance is on-line at http://www.pennsaukengop.com/issues/Videotaping.pdf

The Republican Club's press release on the ordinance is on-line at http://www.pennsaukengop.com/issues/issues.htm

The ordinance is scheduled to be voted upon on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at the 5:30 p.m. Township Committee meeting.