On October 6, 2011, an Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) case was filed in Gloucester County Superior Court. Cheryl Potter, a local resident, brought the suit against each member of the Elk Township Committee. Potter is being represented by John W. Trimble, Jr., Esq. of Trimble & Armano of Turnersville.

In her verified complaint, Potter alleges that the Township Committee discussed topics during its April 19, 2010, May 18, 2010 and April 12. 2011 closed session that ought to have been discussed in public. Potter's suit seeks "an injunction prohibiting Defendants from any future violations of the OPMA by discussing budget matters in closed session." She also seeks the court's in camera review of all minutes, transcripts and audio or video recordings of Township Committee closed sessions held during 2010 and 2011.

The verified complaint in the case, Potter v. Pantaleo et al, Docket No. GLO-L-1739-11, is on-line here.

An order to show cause hearing should be scheduled soon.