My months of appealing to the Burlington County Prosecutor's office for help enforcing the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) appear to have paid off.

I learned today that on March 18, 2008, Burlington County Prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi sent a letter to at least some (and hopefully all) municipalities in Burlington County "strongly suggest[ing]" that they review the OPMA, and advising them that "full and complete compliance with all provisions of the OPMA is absolutely necessary to avoid the possibility of monetary sanctions [and] . . . to continue to maintain the public trust." He credited the NJLP as being the impetus for the letter.

Prosecutor Bernardi's March 18, 2008 letter, together with the correspondence that led up to it, are on-line at: MtHollyMUA1.pdf

John Paff, Chair
New Jersey Libertarian Party Open Advocacy Project
Somerset, New Jersey