I learned today that Salem County, New Jersey Prosecutor John T. Lenahan wrote a May 16, 2008 letter to every municipal clerk and municipal attorney in that county "strongly suggesting that [they] review the policies and procedures relating to [their] Open Public Meetings Act compliance [and that] full and complete compliance is absolutely necessary to avoid the possibility of monetary sanctions . . .".

Prosecutor John T. Lenahan credits the New Jersey Libertarian Party for prompting this action.

See the correspondence at the Open Government Task Force Site.

Readers who live in Salem County are requested to a) forward Prosecutor Lenahan's letter to their local school boards, fire districts and other local public bodies, and b) ask their local municipal bodies what precise procedural changes they will make in response to Prosecutor Lenahan's letter. Please advise me of any responses received.

Thank you.
John Paff
Somerset, New Jersey