Phillipsburg Police Detective James P. Stettner II fired his duty revolver into the grave a former teacher and lied about it. He pled guilty in January and was fined $1,250 for discharging a firearm less than 300 feet from a home.

The Police Department is refusing to release the details of the internal investigation or what the department punishment was. Mr. Stettner remains on the force.

According to the Asbury Park Press Data Universe, Mr. Stettner was paid $87,600 by the town of Phillipsburg in 2010. His brother, Robert Stettner, is also a Phillipsburg Police Officer Captain. Their father, James P. Stettner, Jr. is on the Phillipsburg Town Council and is a former Phillipsburg Chief of Police.


Thanks to an anonymous source for pointing us to this story.

I'm glad to have learned of your project.

Please take a look at the following links regarding a Phillipsburg Police Officer who fired 4 shots from his duty weapon (while off-duty) into the grave of a deceased male. When questioned by the State Police this Officer lied and said he had nothing to do with it. A few days later he was allowed to turn himself in. He was charged and got off with a $1200.00 fine. No community service. No probation and No jail time. If John Q. Citizen did this then we would surely be locked up.

It was just announced that this Officer will not lose his job and will be retained and allowed to work as a Detective for the Phillipsburg Police Department. The Warren County Prosecutor's Office stated that the crime was a violation of a municipal ordinance and did not seek criminal charges because no crime was committed. Is lying to Investigating Officers a crime? The Attorney Generals Office supposedly failed to look into this matter.

It is also worth noting that this Detective's father is the former Chief of Police and a member of the Phillipsburg Town Council.

How can a Police Officer fire his duty weapon into the grave of someone within 300 feet of a home, lie to the Police, and still have his job? Are the laws fair for everyone?

- Anonymous