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You know it’s got to be bad for correctional officers to actually be reprimanded for abuse. I mean who are prisoners going to run to? It’s known that prison guard misconduct is common. In fact, prison guards are alleged to be involved in half of prison related sexual assaults. Michael Fowlkes and Richard Serrano both are being charged with excessive force, with Fowlkes having a “conduct unbecoming” charge tacked on. The details of the brutality have not been released, so I guess what exactly they did being known would be bad for business. It looks like they will probably keep it concealed as well, as Victor Bermudez, a correctional officer union rep has already been quoted as saying:

“As state delegates, we stand by our membership and are doing everything in our powers to reinstate our officers.”

That’s right, they are not interested in finding the truth, achieving justice, or looking out for the rights of the prisoners, most of whom are probably there for victimless crimes, no, they are there to protect the interests of the abusers. Apparently, the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office feels the same way as they have refused to file charges on either one of the guards, and also refused to comment. But don’t worry, they MIGHT face suspension without pay for some small amount of time.Could you imagine keeping your job after beating up a client in ANY private sector job??

Feel free to give them a piece of your mind:
Cumberland County, New Jersey Jail
54 W Broad St
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
(856) 453-4832

Cumberland County Prosecutor
43 Fayette St
Bridgeton, NJ
(856) 451-3177

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