Our bylaws provide for three separate regional organization. Each Regional organization is eligible to have a representative serve on the State Board.

Your regional organization will meet during the County Caucus at our State Convention or any other General meeting. During the County Caucus those present from your region will select a Region Chair and a State Board Representative, and any other officers that they may choose. A person may be selected to hold more than one office and need not be present to be selected (provided their consent is obtained).

Between General Meetings a Region can name or replace officers by calling a meeting of all NJLP members in your region. Set up a time and place and contact the State Chair to have a mailing get sent to all active members. Note that 15 days notice is required for the mailing per our By-Laws. Your Region is free to develop its own set of by-laws and rules.

Regional organizations have the power to approve candidates for public office when the jurisdiction of the office is entirely within the region. Regions also can receive financial support from the State Party. Our by-laws has a dues sharing provision of $5 per NJLP member per in the Regional Committee - as long as the Regional Committee has a treasurer and bank account.

Once organized you can plan regular meetings and activist events. These could include:

  • Educational outreach booths
  • Social get togethers
  • Speaker's on various subjects
  • Political debates and forums
  • Planning and organizational meetings
  • Protests against various government injustices
  • Political activism training

Regional Organizations should also take advantage of web based resources available to them. These include:

  • Our database of members and prospects.
  • Custom emails (we can create an unlimited number of emails @njlp.org for your county to use)
  • Email lists. Each region has two lists created for them:
    • An announce style list. This list has all members and prospects added to the list on a regular basis. Note that ALL postings to this list must be approved by the list moderator. This list is meant for low traffic, professional posts only. Note that those subscribed have not subscribed themselves and as a result overuse of the announce list may be considered spam by some of the recipients. The webmaster maintains these lists and also removes emails when requests are made for removal.
    • A discussion style list. Recipients must sign themselves up for this list. Once signed up anyone can post and the list is not moderated.

The webmaster can create additional lists as needed.

  • Webpage on the NJLP website. If you are an NJLP activist you could be given access to update your page using a simple interface.
  • The NJLP Facebook Page. Events posted on the facebook page automatically appear on our homepage. You should not only join the page, but someone in the county should be given admin access so that you can post your events. Note: if you post an event and it is canceled be sure to cancel the event on our page!