By Carl Person, Candidate for Presidential Nomination of Libertarian Party

New York, NY, September 8, 2011. Carl Person, who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, viewed the Republican Presidential Debate held on September 7th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and states that “the candidates offered no new insight or specifics into creating new jobs for the nation’s unemployed.”

Person went on to say that “Three main candidates (Governors Romney, Perry and Huntsman) gave statistics on new job creation during their period as Governor as claimed proof of their ability to create jobs, without explaining what actions they took as Governor which resulted in the alleged new jobs.”

“Many of the 8 candidates,” according to Person, “wanted a reduction in regulation without stating what specific regulations they would terminate. Also, many of the candidates wanted a reduction in taxes. Some of the candidates recognized that small business was over-regulated, without stating in what specific respects.

“As a Presidential Candidate and somebody vitally interested in job creation, I learned nothing at all from the debate and heard no specific things the candidates would do, if elected.” One exception could be the specific proposal which came from candidate Herman Cain, who “would do away with the existing tax code and replace it with a nine percent tax on corporate income, a nine percent tax on personal income and a nine percent national sales tax.” This proposal is too far reaching to be enacted. Also, Ron Paul urged elimination of the minimum wage laws to promote job growth, which has been debated for years and unlikely to be adopted, even if millions of jobs would be created and, according to Person, “become a useful bridge between apprenticeship and full-salaried employment.”

“The deregulation proposals are almost meaningless,” said Person, “because they do not identify which regulations are most destructive in creating jobs. Since the Republican Presidential Candidates do not seek the end to all regulation, they must identify which of the millions of regulations they would terminate.”

“I have identified IRS payroll withholding regulations as one of three types of regulation needing change”, according to Person. “My program “The 1st 3 Are Free” can and should be adopted by the IRS to allow 3 designated employees of any business to be treated as independent contractors, so that the business does not have to withhold taxes or file payroll reports, or maintain workmen's compensation or disability insurance as to such 3 employees,” according to Person. “This would be the incentive for the nation’s 26,000,000 small businesses to create millions of new jobs.”

Person went on to say that “the Republican candidates’ plans to use tax incentives to encourage businesses to create new jobs are faulty because small business, the only net creator of new jobs, does not take advantage of tax incentives. Tax incentives are for major corporations, which have demonstrated they make more money by sending jobs overseas, in spite of tax considerations. GE, for example, did not pay any income taxes on $14.2 billion in net income last year.”

“What small business needs, and nobody addressed, is the termination of the federal and state laws that prohibit small businesses from raising capital through advertising or public solicitation. This has been illegal since 1933 (Securities Act of 1933). Because compliance with the Act costs more than the money that small business needs, small business does not raise capital from investors and remains small, and does not create as many jobs as they could be creating. Investors need this ‘protection’ far less than unemployed Americans need jobs,” according to Person, “and this restraint should be eliminated, to enable millions of new jobs to be created through the public financings of small businesses.”

Person went on to say, “the most damaging regulation of all was not mentioned. This regulation is the required state licensing of vocational training programs. Colleges and universities have not kept up with technological advances and are not training students to go to work for small businesses, especially the 20,000,000 persons who are self employed, and need a highly skilled person to become the first employee. The combined federal and state licensing laws, accrediting requirements, and student loan programs, have made it impossible for any training programs to be created by small businesses to train persons to go to work for small businesses as an ‘Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business’,” according to Person. “If these laws regulating vocational training programs are terminated (which the U.S. government could do by preemption under the Interstate Commerce Clause), private enterprise would create schools and training programs and more than 10,000,000 skilled, high-paying jobs would be available to students who receive the small-business training,” according to Person. “And perhaps 40% of these 10,000,000 would wind up owning their own small businesses, opening up another 8,000,000 jobs.”

“The Republican candidates either have no business experience, or have (like Romney) business experience at the level of destroying jobs in America, but not creating jobs through small businesses,” according to Person.

“Because of the foregoing, I can conclude that the Republican Presidential Debate on the most important topic of Job Creation was a snow job and meaningless.”

Person said, “President Obama has nothing important to add to his already failed policy of trying to create jobs through spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer money. Whatever jobs are supposedly created in this fashion are too focused and overly priced, and doomed to fail because government does not excel in creating jobs with other persons’ money.  These decisions should be made by businesses and their owners and investors, and not by government.”

“Sadly, Obama is in a position to create millions of jobs prior to the election without spending any money, by adopting my plan ‘The 1st 3 Are Free’, but because his staff is not looking for new ideas, and because the main media also are not looking for new ideas, this no-brainer idea for creating millions of new jobs will not be implemented, and Obama’s second term will be in serious jeopardy,” said Person.

“The Libertarian Party is in a position to adopt my ideas for regulatory reform and job creation, and draw millions of votes away from the Republicans and Democrats, enough to swing the election,” according to Person.

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