Jason Scheurer, our candidate in the 14th district, has filed suit to be treated fairly in the so called "Clean" Election district.  Currently the Democrats and Republicans are given over a half a million dollars of taxpayers' money for their campaigns while third party candidates are limited to only $50,000.  The Libertarian Party opposes the financing of political campaigns with tax dollars, but until the law can be changed, the only way the party's candidates can be competitive is to receive the money on an equal footing with the Democrats and Republicans.  See the Star Ledger article .

 Note that our platform section 9 states that:

We urge repeal of the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditure Reporting Act (NJSA 19:44A-1), which suppresses voluntary support of candidates and parties, compels taxpayers to subsidize politicians and political views which many do not wish to support, invades the privacy of New Jersey residents, and protects the Democratic and Republican parties from competition. Disclosure laws are particularly offensive, because anonymity protects the contributor from scrutiny and reprisal. This law is particularly dangerous as it enables the state government to control the elections of its own administrators and beneficiaries, thereby further reducing its accountability to the citizens.