Just now getting in from an incredible experience at our convention in Denver. As tired as I am, I feel compelled to write because it is my opinion we have incredible opportunities to grow our party exponentially with a Barr/Root/Scheurer ticket this year. To do that we must get Jason on the ballot. We need 1200 signatures in 6 days. This is an easy accomplishment if everyone does just a little. I am asking each and everyone of you to pledge to get just 10 signatures. That's just 10 signatures from friends and family. Here is a chance to get involved with minimum effort and yet help our party grow. At the very least please respond back and let me know your level of commitment.

I will pledge to get 200 signatures and Ken Kaplan has pledged to get 100. We need these by Sunday and we will make arrangements to even get them picked up. The rest is in your hands.

Frank Warren has graciously made petitions available online for your convenience. The Senate petitions is available HERE. The petition is already filled out with the necessary candidate and party information. Read the requirements on the face of the petition to make sure you are qualified to circulate a petition, and start gathering signatures immediately. You must witness all signatures, so this is not something that can be left somewhere and picked up later.

A guide for collecting signatures is located HERE. Alternatively you can download the latest newsletter  and print pages 7-10 for a smaller version of the petition.

As always feel free to contact anytime.

In Liberty,
Lou Jasikoff
Chair NJLP