Dear Friends, Activists and Fellow Libertarians,

I've just returned from the Libertarian National Convention, held this past week in Denver. I know a lot of people are stunned and some are still angry that Bob Barr won. Although I am exhausted, I wanted to get a message out about where we go from here.

Anti-Barr literature, buttons and posters were highly visible throughout the entire convention. Those who were opposed to Barr made it painfully clear to him how much they disliked him.

For my part, I have taken Barr to task on several occasions. I've blasted Barr for violating his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution by shutting down the DC vote on medical marijuana-a vote that the ACLU later found out through court action was a whopping 69% in support.

In fact, when I first met Barr, one of the first things I said to him was, "What should I tell all my friends and fellow activists who have suffered so terribly because of the laws you helped to write and fund?"

His response? "Tell them my conversion is sincere."

I've attacked Root as well, slamming him over his past comments about the threat of "Islamo-Fascism" and his promoting himself as "W.A.R."

Fortunately, I've had several opportunities to engage both men privately and to ask the tough questions, one on one. Their responses, their concerns and their integrity impressed me.

That's not to say that we still don't have our differences, but I can tell you that Barr and Root are sincere and effective spokesmen for reigning in the government, restoring our constitutional rights, allowing states to determine their own laws regarding drugs and for the full legalization of medical marijuana.

Although my good friend and long time party activist, Tom Knapp has been highly critical of Root, I have found Wayne to be one of the nicest, smartest, and honest human being I've ever known. After nearly two years of campaigning, we have developed enormous respect for each other and intend to be friends for life. I am just as impressed with his wonderful wife and family. In particular, I was blown away by the nomination speech, delivered live to a national audience, by his beautiful, brilliant, home-schooled, 16-year-old daughter, Dakota Root.

After their victory, the Barr campaign could have told their opponents not to let the door hit them in the ass on their way out and saved themselves a lot of future grief. Instead, we have seen a concerted effort by Barr and Root to unify the party.

More importantly, I now believe Barr and Root are the strongest pro-freedom ticket we've ever had and that, with your support, we can have an enormous impact this November. These men are smart, media savvy and determined to win. Considering that we are already in a perfect storm politically, with a record level of voter discontent, anything is possible. At the very least, John McCain is already being discussed in MSM as a likely loser in November, now that Barr has won the Libertarian Party's nomination.

Bob Barr and Wayne Root won their nomination fair and square. Now they are ready to carry the banner of liberty across the country and to provide a wide spectrum of voters with a clear choice this November. They deserve every ounce of support we can muster.

Let freedom grow,
Steve Kubby

Steve Kubby is a Libertarian activist who sought the 2008 nominiation for President. Steve was instrumental in passing California's proposition 215. Steve runs a weekly show called the Steve Kubby Show.