I am running as the NJLP candidate for State Senate from the 39th Legislative District, which covers most of Northern Bergen County. I’ve lived in this district for over thirty years. I know the people here. Some know me; a lot more will.

The 39th District has 167, 000 registered voters: 29% Republicans, 27% Democrats, 1% others. Most importantly 43%, over 72,000 voters, are unaffiliated. That’s my target audience. The politically homeless, who don’t identify with either Republicans or Democrats, but wind up not voting, or voting for the lesser of two evils, because they feel they have no other choice. Only 41% of eligible voters even voted in the District 39 Senate race in 2017.

I will give them another choice. A real choice. For the unaffiliated voters who are concerned about government spending/taxes/debt and interference in our personal lives, I will offer them the Libertarian Party message of personal and economic liberty. I will do it using their language, not ours, recognizing that it takes more than one conversation, speech, or letter to the editor to get people to change lifelong voting habits.

For that same reason I will avoid an all-or-nothing approach to policy issues. If a policy advances the cause of liberty, I will give it serious consideration. This is consistent with the NJLP platform, where the planks include not only principles and solutions, but ways to transition to our ultimate goals.

I will focus on three issues of most importance to my district:

  1. Reducing major areas of State spending (by reforming and reducing state-level spending on Public Pensions, Healthcare, and Schools)
  2. Using the savings to reduce taxes (Income, Sales, Gas) and begin paying down our debt
  3. Supporting School Choice (Charter Schools, Home Schooling, Vouchers, Backpack Funding)

This is my third campaign. This time I have decided not to collect campaign contributions or make campaign expenditures. I’m a pretty good writer, public speaker and debater. I’m not so good at organizing events, logistics, and asking for help. If you’d like to help, please drop me a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If I can get media coverage and get in any debates, I can and will help advance the cause of liberty in New Jersey.