More than a quarter of Branchburg voters said YES to term limits, putting residents first and said no to a tax increase in Tuesday’s election.  A vote for Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie was a declaration of independence from the GOP monopoly.  These votes came from a broad coalition of third party voters, Democrats, unaffiliated and even a few Republicans.  This bipartisan support in our historic run came from talking to people about the issues they care about.  We’ve demonstrated the viability of Libertarian candidates.  

Though we will not be inaugurated, we are not going anywhere.  We will be closely watching where and when the township raises property taxes, seeking transparency in how it’s spent, counting how many times their names appear on buildings and how many photo ops they smile for.  As of now, 42% voted against raising their own taxes in order to purchase land that isn’t for sale.  Our campaign consistently opposed the public question and will continue to oppose similar township ventures.  Sometimes voting isn’t enough.  Participation is needed at regular public meetings - attending, commenting and asking questions.  We need to watch for potential seeds of corruption in the handling of our $25 million and have a presence in the township’s operations.  We congratulate David and Tom on their wins and hope they continue their service to Branchburg by cooperating with residents who disagree with them in order to represent all people.  

Challenges to incumbent parties need to continue into the future.  Unopposed elections and a lack of choice are a disservice to voters.  One candidate alone may not go far.  Volunteers make them successful. The African proverb "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” is our inspiration here.  Visit our website and sign up for email notifications on township news and please consider volunteering your time next year or a donation.  

Not much is covered in the local news, which gave minimal coverage to our campaign.  It will remain up to us to inform ourselves and each other.  Let’s make the next campaign YOUR campaign!

Yours in liberty,
Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie, Freedom For Branchburg