New Jersey Libertarian Party

NJ Libertarian Party Nominates Kenny Kaplan for Governor

New Brunswick, NJ - On Sunday, the NJ Libertarian Party State Committee unanimously selected Kenneth Kaplan to be the party’s candidate for Governor. Born in Newark, the 61 year old Kaplan grew up in West Orange but currently resides in Parsippany. He is a graduate from Brandeis University and NYU Law School. For twenty-two years, he was associated with the Archie Schwartz Company but currently serves as President of KenKap Realty Corp., a company he founded after a six year term at Edgerton Realty.

As Governor, Kaplan’s priorities are to phase out the state income tax and reduce the size and cost of government. Addressing affordable housing is one way he plans to solve this problem. Kaplan offers a creative solution to the decade’s long quest to create affordable housing in New Jersey.  He wants the state to enact legislation to supersede local zoning ordinances, removing zoning barriers.

“The current system prevents owners of single family homes from converting them to two family homes and the owners of two family homes from converting them to three families,” stated Kaplan. “This solution will solve the affordable housing crisis, not just for people moving into the new units, but also for many of whom might be senior citizens.”

He says his plan will allow senior citizens to remain in homes that have become too large or expensive for their needs. He believes this will fix the affordable housing problem, without the expenditure of any tax dollars.

Kaplan also wants to address key issues, such as same-sex marriage, education, and healthcare. He would push for an enactment of a marriage equality law to allow same sex couples to marry. “I see it as a civil rights issue, where all citizens should enjoy the same right,” stated Kaplan. Additionally, he also wants to see a state constitutional amendment to allow for greater flexibility in education. He views vouchers as an immediate way to give parents more choice in where their children attend school. Most importantly, Kaplan champions patients’ rights and seeks to pass a law that would allow medical marijuana to be grown or purchased legally, when prescribed by a doctor.

According to Kaplan, “We have many people in New Jersey suffering the effects of cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other ailments.  The humanitarian and compassionate thing to do is allow them legal access to a drug that could help them.”