Letter writer Gary Stewart of Riverdale is on target in saying the government is trying to turn our country into a bunch of timid, fearful people who will "rat out" anyone who might be a security risk based on their appearance: Sounds an awful lot like profiling to me!

The government and its media allies will seize on anything to get the American "sheeple" to give up their liberties. Mr. Stewart asks, "Am I the only who feels this?"

No, Mr. Stewart isn’t alone. In the recent election in November, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, received over 1,270,000 votes nationwide and other Libertarian Party candidates received over 15,755,000 votes.

The Libertarian Party is organized in all 50 states and has been around since 1971. The LP website is www.LP.org and its phone number is 202-333-0008. The fax number is 202-333-0072. I’ve been a member since 1980 and have never regretted joining. I hope residents will do likewise.