On February 1, a letter appeared in your [The Suburban Trends] claiming that "conservative and libertarian voters" were advocates of voter ID laws. I can't speak for conservatives, but I'd like to know the writer's source of information that led him to think that we Libertarians support more voter ID laws.

As a point of fact, Libertarians have been in the forefront of making it easier to vote by our opposition to ballot access laws that make it difficult for all third parties and independents to get on the ballot as an alternative to the Republican and Democrat duopoly in American politics.

As Libertarian ideas catch hold and grow in the public arena on various issues, there will be sadly many who wish to jump on the pro-individual liberty bandwagon without a full understanding of the Libertarian philosophy.

Some of these people will have "political baggage" from their previous ideologies that they hope to graft onto the Libertarian movement.

Perhaps this is what the writer was using as his point of reference?

The Libertarian Party, both at the national and state levels has websites you can to to for our positions on current issues. Also organizations such as The Reason Foundation, Future of Freedom Foundation, Students for Liberty, and many others all have websites that can be checked out by those interested in the Libertarian movement. Its better to consult official sources rather than second hand information on any subject. Don't rely on hearsay and half-truths on anything.

Mark Richard
West Milford