This month it will be one year since I was charged with "harassment" and "criminal mischief" in the "People's Republic of Gladstone and Peapack". What heinous act did I commit to warrant those charges? Are you ready for this? I left history magazines at the drive-up windo at th Peapack-Gladstone Bank in Gladstone, NJ! Apparently leaving reading material in areas frequented by the public is not allowed in the"Constitution -free zone" called Gladstone!

The magazine in question was The Barnes Review which challenges the "Establishment" view of history with regard to U.S. foreign policy, wars of interventionism, assassinations like the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, supposed "surprise" attacks like Pearl Harbor and 9-11, etc. The two cops were very upset that anyone would distribute materials that "questions our government", these two "public servants" never heard of the First Amendment it would seem. They didn't like my bumper stickers either, one quoting Ron Paul and the other opposing foreign aid.