Published in the Suburban Trends, February 28, 2018

In the wake of the school shooting in Florida, it is disturbing to see the uninformed masses out there demanding more gun laws.

It is more than a reminiscent of the civilian population of Germany in the early 1930s demanding "law and order" and a strong government and leader to "save" Germany from the political violence in the streets that was occurring at the time.

A certain political leader did emerge at that time and I think we all know who that was!

There are approximately 300 million guns in private citizens hands, yet only a miniscule fraction of those are ever used in a crime or mass shooting, clearly gun ownership is not the problem.

Historically, the worst mass shootings have been carried out by governments not deranged or mentally ill individuals.

Pick any dictatorship you want regardless of ideology and they all require a disarmed civilian population.

You would be in error if you think I'm only referring to past events in foreign nations, it's happened here, too. The massacres of Native Americans in the West come to mind, plus the shooting of strikers at a mine in Colorado back in 1914 and what about the killing of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas only 25 years ago at the hands of the FBI and the BATF?

Have all you Liberals forgotten the three Civil Rights workers killed by the Neshoba County Mississippi sheriffs department and the Klan in 1964?

Had those three been armed, I suspect things would have ended quite differently!

If only the police and military have guns, who protects us from them?

Now it looks like Donald Trump is going to "flip flop" on gun control and stab gun owners in the back. Those of us who knew he was a fraud and charlatan weren't surprised at all!

Maybe next time people will wise up and vote Libertarian, as well over 4 million did in 2016.

To the fools demanding more gun laws, don't be shocked when the rest of your freedom disappears as well.


Mark Richards