Published in the West Milford Messenger, July 5, 2018

Have I missed something, I thought the Republicans were the party of "family values," why then are they OK with breaking up the families of immigrants?

Thanks to our "Bigot in Chief," Donald Trump the Republicans are no longer the party of small limited government.

If true Classic Conservatives like Sen. Barry Goldwater or Sen. Robert Taft were alive today they would not be welcome in today's Republican Party. Anti-immigration ideas are not new, in the 19th Century the Workingman's Party in California and it's leader Denis Kearny spewed forth a mix of anti-capitalist Socialism and virulent anti-Chinese immigrant racism.

One result of which was the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, a dark spot of American history to be sure.

We Libertarians on the other hand have always supported the free flow of people and goods across borders.

As long as the activities in immigration and trade are peaceful, there should be no government barriers keeping people apart, for a more in depth study of this subject go to the websites of the Libertarian Party and the Future of Freedom Foundation.

Mark Richards