I have to chuckle to myself when I see all the pro-choice people getting upset over some of the recent abortion restrictions enacted by states across the country. Why are they not pro-freedom on other issues?

For example, I would wager a guess that most who defend a woman's right to choose don't feel that way about gun ownership or the right of a religious business owner being free to serve, or not serve, who they wish.

These people, who say abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor are ususally the same people wanting the government to run healthcare. Why do they act surprised and outraged when politicians interfere in medical decisions? Did the really expect anything different?

We Libertarians have long known that both liberals and conservatives are hostile to individual liberty on all issues. We believe that abortion, like marriage or drug usage, should be totally private with government involvement being limited to enforcement and upholding of contractual agreements. This means no tax funded abortions with no exceptions.

Liberty means freedom of choice, even if 90% of the people don't agree with that choice. It seems like a simple enough concept, but it is evidently beyond comprehension of the big mouths on both sides of the abortion debate.

Mark Richards
West Milford

Individual choices and family decisions regarding sex, marriage, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, family life and child rearing are too important to be left to government. These responsibilities and decisions belong to individuals relying, to the extent that he or she wishes, on the aid of family, friends, community, and religious guidance. Libertarians recognize that virtue, values, traditions, and culture exist in society only as a result of free choices and voluntary interactions among individuals.
                                                                                  - NJLP Platform, Paragraph 4.0, Family Life - Principle