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The New Jersey Libertarian Party opposes the proposal of a 23 cents per gallon increase in the gas tax. This tax hike could cost New Jersey motorists $4 Billion over the next 10 years. New Jersey spends $2 million per mile of road, the most in America and twice as much as the next highest state. The problem isn't revenue, it's spending. Let's abolish prevailing wage laws and stop using taxpayers as an ATM for special interest groups.

Garden State taxes are already far too high. New Jersey property taxes, income taxes, estate taxes and inheritance taxes are all among the highest in America. Due to excessive regulations we are consistently voted the worst place to start a business. We have more people leaving New Jersey than any other state. When adjusted for cost of living 30% of New Jersey now lives in poverty. Garden State politicians have crippled our taxpayers with over $170 billion in debt. At $55,550 per taxpayer that's also the highest in the nation.

This is unlimited government run amok. The only future for our state is to reject the corruption, hypocrisy and big government of both establishment parties. Let's empower people instead of the politicians.

The NJ Libertarian Party is the Garden State's third largest political party. We believe liberty is the foundation of justice and prosperity. The party has grown 78% thus far in 2016 and has a record number of candidates on the ballot.

For further information, contact NJLP Chair Patrick McKnight.