The 2023-2024 Bylaws Committee is proud to submit to our delegates the following proposals for consideration during our Convention.

Proposal 1: Add new section 11.g. 4:0.

“Any member of one region based on their county of residence may choose to be a member of a different region instead. However, a member may only be a voting member of one region at a time, and may only change regions once per calendar year. A change in regional membership may only be accomplished by giving written notice to the Vice President of Membership.”

Rationale: The regions are rather large, and for some members the meetings of another region may be more convenient, depending on where they live or work. Rather than realigning the regions, as some members have suggested, this bylaws change would accommodate the needs of individuals.

Proposal 2. In 5. Membership. Add at the end. 3:0.

“However only New Jersey residents shall be voting members.”

Rationale: This is mostly consistent with our current practice and should be codified. When members move out of NJ, they may remain not-voting members. However, historically we permitted nexus to NJ via residence or work.  The matching change is needed due to changed nature of employment due to remote work. This creates a huge  loophole that should be closed. Literally anyone in the US can join NJLP claiming that they may have occasional client in NJ and working remotely.

Proposal 3. 2Y:2A:0 Add new Business rule Sec 5. Membership.

“Definition of 'Injurious': 'Injurious' conduct refers to any action or behavior that negatively affects the Party's reputation, financial health, or safety of its members. This includes, but is not limited to, financial misconduct, harassment, or making public statements that diametrically oppose the Party's core values and principles.”

Rationale: This clarifies what may constitute injurious conduct