Central NJ Libertarian Party Donation

The Central New Jersey Libertarians appreciate your donation.

Donations to the Central New Jersey Libertarians must meet the requirements for a State Political Party Committee. You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident alien. All donations to the Central New Jersey Libertarian Party must come from your personal funds.

Donations of $30 or more will be sent a NJ Libertarian T-Shirt!

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Central NJ Libertarian T-Shirt Premium
We have NJ Libertarian T-Shirts for donations of $30 or greater. Sizes available are Medium through 3XL.
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Libertarian T-Shirt
Libertarian T-Shirt
Libertarian T-Shirt
Libertarian T-Shirt
You must contribute at least $30.00 to get this item

Minimum: $30.00

State law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for individuals whose contributions exceed $300 in a calendar year.

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