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Hamilton settles strip search lawsuit for $425K, woman alleged excessive police forcePolice Accountability Project2019-09-09 14:00:49
Cops don disguises, trash cars of man who filed complaint against them, prosecutor saysPolice Accountability Project2019-09-04 14:05:49
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Burlington Judge Rebuffs PBA, Orders Disclosure of Redacted Log of Internal Affairs Complaints Against County Corrections OfficersOpen Government Advocacy Project2016-09-08 16:59:38
Stafford Township confidentially paid out $34,000 to settle man's lawsuit claiming that mayor misused Stafford Police to perpetrate a personal vendetta against himOpen Government Advocacy Project2016-08-17 13:04:02
Democrats and Republicans Will Stack The Deck Yet AgainPress Releases2016-08-08 17:41:00