On February 15, 2024, following outreach from Kim Skorka of the New Jersey Libertarian Party's Preempted Repeal Project, the Borough of Oceanport in Monmouth County took action to abolish Article 1 of its Peace and Good Order code, which aimed to govern "Disorderly Conduct."  

Oceanport's ordinance, like many others of its kind, was outdated and broadly defined. For instance, it included provisions that banned disorderly behavior in public places or even within private residences if it caused annoyance to others. Another part of the repealed ordinance prohibited allowing any premises to be occupied by individuals engaging in noisy, disruptive, or disorderly activities, or by those identified as prostitutes, gamblers, or vagrants.

Finally, if that wasn't enough, the ordinance contained a clause that criminalized any "riotous or indecent conduct, breach of the peace, vagrancy, or prostitution" not explicitly outlined within the code, essentially giving law enforcement broad discretion to arrest individuals for undefined "indecent conduct."

These vague codes, which put the citizen at the mercy of the police, have no place in our laws.

The ordinance that nullified these provisions and Kim Skorka's communication to the Mayor and Council are accessible online. Additionally, a comprehensive list of all ordinances that have been successfully repealed through the Project is available online.

Anyone willing to help repeal similar ordinances should contact me.

John Paff
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