Dear Editor:

Government spending and government meddling in our economic and personal lives is now and continues to be at an all-time high. If you wish to support a pro-freedom agenda (as I do), I would suggest voting as follows.

For president, I support former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party candidate. For U.S. senator from New Jersey I support my fellow Libertarian Party member Ken Kaplan. For Congress I'm voting to re-elect Scott Garrett. Although he is a Republican candidate, he comes the closest to have a constitutionalist pro-freedom voting record.

Finally, on the local level, I support Mike Hensley and Vivienne Erk for West Milford Township Council, both of whom will be watchdogs for the productive taxpayers, private property owners, and business people of West Milford (the only ones who create jobs by the way).

We already have one great council member in Lou Signorino, who stands on principle for individual rights and economic liberty. Let's add two more so Mr. Signorino isn't fighting these battles by himself.

Politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government seem to think they have some divine right to micromanage your life and business for you.

Well, they're wrong; our lives belong to us! Voters have a chance to reclaim their rights come Election Day and should act on it!

Mark Richards,
West Milford