Chair's Report

Our state consistently fares poorly when evaluated on tax ratings, government waste, government corruption, and value returned from the government. The Tax Foundation ranks New Jersey along with the rest of the Union:

Hello Libertarians,

The NJ Libertarian Party Convention was a rousing success. It was wonderful to see other Libertarians who saw the future with as much optimism as I do. The speakers were fantastic, including Wayne Allyn Root, Jim Bennett, Howard Kupferman, and Walter Luers. I cannot imagine a better lineup than what we had at this convention. We have video of the speakers and when it has been posted online I will inform everyone. The elections also went well with the following results:

Fellow Libertarians,

The last few months have been extremely busy and exciting for me as business is really taking off.  I have traveled and will continue to travel extensively both domestically and internationally and must apologize for the lack of time I have spent in New Jersey.  It is not that I have not been working on projects to promote Liberty because I have, and in fact just this week attended the State Chairs conference in Charleston, South Carolina representing the NJLP.  In speaking with other chairs, and reflecting on the last two years as chair, I have come to the conclusion that two years is enough.  It is time for a fresh set of eyes to move us forward.  In that regard, I will not be seeking reelection as chair.  I wanted to give everyone a little heads up before the convention.

Fellow activists,

While things have seemed to be quiet over the last few months we have moved forward with a few projects I would like to update you on, especially as we move into what I think will be a very exciting election year.