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I have just spent the first full day at our new Atlantic City office at South Sovereign and Boardwalk, between the Hilton and Tropicana and must tell you all that I am very excited about the amount of traffic we have. Dozens of people stopped in to talk with us. Some of them were wondering what the Libertarian Party was, others already knew about us and were amazed to see us in public. More than a few of the stop-ins were from Party members from other states as well as college students from Rutgers, Temple, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, John Hopkins, and others. These party faithful were ecstatic to see us out and getting active. Dozens more people stopped to stare in wonder that we really existed as a political party! I can't count how many people walked by, looked at our beautiful sign, and continued on their way while discussing the Libertarian Party and the Bob Barr Presidential campaign.

Jason Scheurer , our Senate candidate, and Lou Jasikoff, our party chairman, will be taping for WPHL -TV July 19th for a half hour show. The topic will be the NJ Libertarian Party. More details wil be released as they become available.

It seems more like he recorded this on his own and a Ron Paul supporter used it in a Ron Paul video. RIP George.

Note: some foul language. 

Wealth, and the desire to preserve it, is what drives citizens of rich nations to demand an increasingly punitive justice system

by George Monbiot

Published on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by The Guardian/UK

Written from the point of view of the United Kingdom.

As ever, Britain appears to be chasing the United States. In both absolute and relative terms, the US’s prison population is the highest on earth: 1% of its adult population is behind bars. This is five times our preposterous rate and six times Turkey’s. It is over twice the rate of the nearest contender, South Africa. If you count the people under community supervision or on probation, the total rises to more than 7 million, or 3.1% of the adult population (all references are on my website). Black men who failed to complete high school in the US have a 60% chance of ending up in jail. I feel I need to say that again: 60% of unqualified African-American men go to prison. It’s beginning to look as if the state has stopped imprisoning individuals and started locking up a social class. Is this what we aspire to?

Read the entire article here.

We were recently sent the outstanding comments of Assemblyman Jay Webber of New Jersey, addressing the state's proposal to expand their previous failed experiment with taxpayer funded political campaigns:

Download file Assemblyman Webber's Letter

As Assemblyman Webber succinctly states, "The role of government in our electoral process is to guarantee some level of transparency and honesty, not to pick winners. This bill turns that idea on its head by essentially empowering the government to tell us what we can say, when we can say it, and how much we can say it."


We often get emails at Libertarian Party headquarters asking what exactly are the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party.  The confusion is understandable, especially for party outsiders who are just beginning to look at either as a new political home.  The question of the differences in the parties has become even more frequent as Ron Paul supporters are looking for a new home after Paul's announcement that he is discontinuing his campaign. 


“Clean Elections” or Abbott-Style Funding for “Most Needy” Politicians?

by Steve Lonegan, Executive Director, AFP-NJ

Trenton’s politicians would have you believe the answer to New Jersey’s high taxes is another convoluted state program; taxpayer funded elections.  We have heard it over and over, ranging from phony promises that raising some broad-base tax would provide “property tax relief” to false claims about new departments “rooting out waste and corruption.”

Read the rest of the article here. Listen to Steve's taxpayer minute on the subject here .

The NJLP supports Steve Lonegan in his fight against so called "Clean Elections". Our platform specifically opposes taxpayer subsidies to politicians. Although, libertarians oppose any public financing of elections this proposal is horribly unjust - third parties can only get half of what the democrats and republicans can get despite having to meet the same qualifications.

Regulatory barriers to practicing particular professions are continuously being erected by government bodies to the detriment of our economy. The Institute for Justice has fought against arbitrary hair braiding licensing in Arizona, California, D.C., Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and Washington. They have fought licensing of casket makers in Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The have fought against taxi and limousine licensing in Denver, New York City, and Las Vegas. Other battles they have fought were against monopoly control of floral arranging, trash hauling, interior design, sign hanging, and weed control.

Bill is an Attack on Sportsmen, Collectors, and Target Shooters

On Thursday morning, June 12, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider legislation that would ban the purchase, transfer, and inheritance of many popular hunting guns, historical American firearms, and large bore target firearms, based on alleged public safety concerns.

TRENTON – The State House steps overflowed with hundreds of taxpayers rallying against higher taxes and outrageous spending habits in Trenton today. Long-time Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan was leading the charge as Americans for Prosperity brought residents out from every corner of the Garden State to the Trenton to say “No!” to higher taxes.

Read the full article at the American's For Prosperity website.

Visit DPA Action Alert Page to let your representatives know you oppose mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug offenders. 

Kleykamp, Meredith, et al. Wasting Money, Wasting Lives: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Incarceration in New Jersey. Drug Policy Alliance; May 28, 2008.

NJ Report 2008This report is the first-ever analysis of the hidden and comprehensive costs of incarceration in New Jersey.  In addition to the cost of prison beds (the usual measure of incarceration costs), the report examines hidden costs such as lost wages during the time people are incarcerated, lost lifetime wages that result from diminished employment opportunities, lost taxable income, and lost child support. At a time when the state is facing severe budget deficits and cutting critical social programs and services, the report finds that the state is losing literally billions of dollars in direct and hidden costs as a result of the harsh and ineffective overuse of incarceration. The report looks at costs state-wide and also provides a snapshot of costs for New Jersey’s largest city, Newark.

Report [PDF]

The Mayor Found Drunk and Naked

A Former Mayor Hauled Off to Prison

A County Exec Nabbed in an FBI Sting

 ‘‘People always ask me how I spent my time in prison, and I say, ‘I just read a lot,'" Jerry tells me as we trundle along the Jersey City streets in his Volvo. "They would get you any book you asked for, so I ended up reading every title on the New York Times bestseller list," he explains with the tone of satisfaction one might detect in somebody who feels they've gotten a really good deal.

It's an overcast afternoon in northern New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan, and we're driving towards the prep school where Jerry now coaches boys track.

We pull up to the curb and he suggests we get out and chat on the sidewalk. Parked illegally, he proclaims "I don't get parking tickets" in his north Jersey accent before springing from the driver's seat.

Read the full article on Campaign & Elections: Politics Website.

Former Congressman Bob Barr recently appeared on Fox's Hannity & Colmes.  At about 3:20 into the clip below, Hannity asks, "Would you vote to legalize heroin and crack?"  Barr, agitated by the question, answered, "No, I would not vote to legalize heroin and crack!"

Undoubtedly, Barr supporters will say it is because Barr wants to focus on the bigger issue of getting the federal government out of the drug war.  Hopefully, Barr opponents will see that the bigger issue is that Barr has not fully embraced the non-initiation of force principle of the Libertarian Party.

PorcFestLibertarians and liberty lovers of all stripes will gather in Gilford, New Hampshire in June for the 5th annual Porcupine Freedom (and Music) Festival (aka PorcFest).

As the premier event of the Free State Project (FSP), PorcFest welcomes pro-liberty activists from across the nation to see why New Hampshire was selected by FSP’s membership to be the destination for those who are willing to work effectively in a concentrated effort towards “Liberty in Our Lifetime.”