Darren Young
Assembly, 21st District

Darren YoungDarren Young ran as a trademark candidate in District 21 this year. There were no debates, and his two Republican opponents were both very well-liked and very prolimited government. In any case they easily won with about 65 percent of the vote. He is hoping to once again run against pro-Bush, big-government Republican Mike Ferguson as the NJLP Congressional candidate next year from District 7. He has garnered significant positive publicity for the party by making numerous television appearances during the four other times he has run for this position.

The NJ Libertarian recently interviewed John Paff asking him why Libertarians should care about the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).  John's name and activities are well known to the regular readers of the NJ Libertarian.  John is serving as the Chair of the Open Government Advocacy Council of the NJ Libertarian Party.

On June 26, 2007, during a public meeting, the Evesham Township (Burlington County) suspended a kindergarten teacher, with pay, for "improper interaction with a student in her charge."

For the last several weeks, John Paff of the NJLP Open Government task force has been trying to learn the nature of the "improper interaction" so that he (and others--especially parents and taxpayers in Evesham) can be in a position to judge whether the paid suspension was appropriate. As expected, the Board has completely denied him access to any and all information regarding this matter.

See John's letter to the Board's attorney.

By Mark Richards, resident of West Milford and guest contributor
Published in West Milford AIM on November 16, 2007 and also in Suburban Trends November 11, 2007

In a recent “Guest Contributor” column, a writer expressed are discussed with Congressman Scott Garrett’s voting record. She was also upset that three local candidates appeared in a photo in another newspaper with Congressman Garrett.

I have to be honest, I voted for Scott Garrett once in 2002, the first time he ran for Congress. I truly hoped that he would be another force for individual liberty, limited constitutional government and free market economics, like the truly great and principled Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (the only sane presidential candidate of those Republicans seeking the 2008 nomination.)

By Mark Richards, Guest Contributor
Published in West Milford AIM on September 28, 2007 and also in Suburban Trends September 23, 2007.

Our U.S. Representative in Congress, Scott Garrett, has been taking a lot of heat lately by not supporting the animal fighting prohibition enforcement act, which grew out of the frenzy over the Michael Vick dogfighting case. Far from being attacked by “animal rights” groups and the press, Rep. Garrett should be praised for his clear understanding and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. I have before me my pocket size edition of the Constitution published by libertarian Cato Institute.

On November 12, 2007 NJLP Chairman Lou Jasikoff and I attended the Eagleton Institute of Politics panel discussion on publicly funded elections in New Jersey. For this year’s experimental test of the so-called “fair and clean elections” (FACE) process, candidates in three state legislative districts were required to collect a minimum of 400 $10 contributions from residents of the district to qualify for “clean elections” labeling and funding. In the 14th District Libertarian Assembly candidate Jason Scheurer managed to meet that standard.

New Jersey 14th District Candidate for Assembly Jason Scheurer alledged that News 12 New Jersey News Director Randal Stanley was politically biased by excluding Jason from an infomercial that News 12 produced and aired promoting only the Republican and the Democrat candidates. Jason's allegations are based not only by Stanley's actions, but also his words.

Some in the media have questioned Jason's assertion, mostly because News 12 is a news organization. The media seems to have trouble believing that News 12 crossed the line by promoting only the two major parties. We have the audio stream recorded prior to the "forum" where Jason tries to reason with Stanley.

Listen for yourself as Randal Stanley says he would invite a Republican that has no chance of winning while excluding a certified candidate. 

Click here to listen to the entire conversation.

NJLP Chairman Louis Jasikoff received a written apology today from Gerald Pomper of the Eagleton Institute. Pomper claims that he his "prone to extravagant language to promote discussion" and reasserts his preference to keep "dissidents" out of general elections. His advice to work through the primary elections does not explain his inclusion of Dr. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on his list, however.

In the 14th District, where Linda Greenstein has voted to give her campaign over $600,000 of taxpayer funds, News 12 NJ refuses to allow third party candidates into the debate. Libertarian Assembly candidate Jason Scheurer has filed for rescue funds as a result. See Press Release.

Jason and State Party chair Lou Jasikoff confront several other candidates over this issue in the video below.


Joint Press Release


October 22, 2007


Newark, NJ – Last October, New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center and Emery Celli Brinkerhoff & Abady, LLP filed suit against the State of New Jersey on behalf of three alternative political parties, arguing that state statutes barring their clients from official “political party” recognition were unconstitutional and discriminatory. On October 17, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Neil H. Shuster, Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division, Mercer County, signed a Consent Order granting equal treatment to alternative political parties in New Jersey. The Order eliminates some of the structural advantages long enjoyed by the Democratic and Republican Parties. The State conceded that New Jersey election law should treat alternative parties as official “political parties” for the purposes of campaign finance, lobbying, and voter registration.

Jason Scheurer, our candidate in the 14th district, has filed suit to be treated fairly in the so called "Clean" Election district.  Currently the Democrats and Republicans are given over a half a million dollars of taxpayers' money for their campaigns while third party candidates are limited to only $50,000.  The Libertarian Party opposes the financing of political campaigns with tax dollars, but until the law can be changed, the only way the party's candidates can be competitive is to receive the money on an equal footing with the Democrats and Republicans.  See the Star Ledger article .

 Note that our platform section 9 states that:

We urge repeal of the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditure Reporting Act (NJSA 19:44A-1), which suppresses voluntary support of candidates and parties, compels taxpayers to subsidize politicians and political views which many do not wish to support, invades the privacy of New Jersey residents, and protects the Democratic and Republican parties from competition. Disclosure laws are particularly offensive, because anonymity protects the contributor from scrutiny and reprisal. This law is particularly dangerous as it enables the state government to control the elections of its own administrators and beneficiaries, thereby further reducing its accountability to the citizens.

By Fred Stein, Dayton section of South Brunswick
Published in The Sentinel newspaper for June 21, 2007.

It seems that the government on all levels is out of control. While high property taxes are driving the exodus of people out
of the state, our politicians are dealing with frivolous issues. Our local politicians are wasting time on creating new ordinances for massage parlors (“Chief hopes to rub out illegitimate massage spas,” June 7). Is this the number one problem facing the people in South Brunswick?

The state legislature is debating gay marriage. Marriage should be classified as a private contract involving consenting adults. Government should get out of the business. On the federal level, we are being destroyed by our occupation of Iraq. Our soldiers are being killed and crippled. Our civil liberties are quickly disappearing as we grow further in debt.

The question now is what to do. Stand up and be heard. Act as if the next election is your last, because it could be. Do not forget to buckle up your seat belt.

Mr. Niewenhuis (New Jersey Farm Bureau President) is correct about one thing: the farm bill before Congress has lots to do with you. The farm bill will cost you, the taxpayer, $211 billion, have negative environmental consequences, is extremely harmful to our international relations, and will end up hurting the small family farm. The farm bill subsidies are an un-American affront to fairness and common sense.

The 2002 farm bill cost taxpayers an average of $85 billion per year between 2002 and 2005. In 2005 it cost the taxpayer $100 billion. The 2007 farm bill is even more bloated. Instead of allowing the free market to set prices (and as a result the levels of production_, the farm bill attempts to micromanage production by paying some farmers not to farm while paying other farmers to farm. The result is higher prices to the consumer. In effect, the prices of some goods such as milk and sugar are set to artificially high levels by a government enforced cartel. The largest beneficiary is Florida's Flo-Sun. The owners have an estimated net worth of $500 million. If the 2007 farm bill is passed, they are expected to receive $125 million annually in farm sugar production price supports.


United States v. Antonelli Children

January 11th, 1999

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Giovanni LoPresti and I am very proud to be a citizen of this country. I am a law abiding citizen with a grave concern for the safety and well being of innocent children. I was a former judicial volunteer for New Jersey Child Placement Review Board, for the displacement of children. I have family and many friends associated with law enforcement. I was a firm believer in our judicial process until I became actively involved in trying to protect 10 innocent children from being booted out in the street by our own government.

The story I am about to tell you has captured my heart and concern. I will not by any means attempt to distort any facts. I will allow you as a citizen to decide for yourself, whether booting 10 innocent children out in the street is justified. Quite frankly, I am outraged that our own government can displace innocent children without the slightest shame.

I made my first speaking appearance of my campaign and, more significantly, of my life, in Princeton on Thursday night.

The venue was the Unitarian Church (home turf).  The audience was the Gay People of Princeton.  The occasion was a Congressional candidates night that included yours truly and the Democratic contenders - Rush Holt and Carl Mayer.  The Republican incumbent, Mike Pappas declined the invite.  I wonder why?

I was invited by the distinguished Hunterdon LP organizer Rob Tannnen while our candidate for Princeton Town Council, Tom Abrams turned out to lend moral support.  Thanks, guys.