Summer 2023 NJLP Newsletter

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Chair’s Message: The Importance of Coalitions by James Ripley

2023 Annual NJLP Summer General Meeting Announcement By General Meeting Staff


Bylaws Committee Report by Bylaws Committee

Member Submitted Bylaws Recommendation by Michael Manieri

Event: Liberty 101 by NJLP Newsletter Staff

A New Me by Fred Stein

Northern Region Takes Aim at Loitering and Disorderly Conduct Ordinances by John Paff

Unjust Signature Requirements by Tara Murphy

Home equity theft is legal in 12 states, New Jersey is one of them by Lana Leguia

March 2023 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Convention Announcement.
Platform Committee Report
Bylaws Committee Report
Rage Against War.
What Values are We Fighting For?
Youth Outreach Committee Formed
OPRAMachine Court Case
Convention Registration Form

Winter 2023 NJ Libertarian (screen friendly edition) Popular

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Announcing Winter 2023 General Meeting

NJLP Board Votes to Support Fusion Voting Case by Michael Manieri
Bylaws Amendment Proposals
Platform Committee Status by Jay Edgar
End Special Tax Breaks by Jim Tosone
Eliminate This Bureaucratic Process by Jim Tosone
Lower Legal Marijuana Taxes to End the Black Market by Jim Tosone
Jailbreak Government Schools by Mark Kapengut
Book Reviews by Nathan Cole
Announcing Anti-War Rally "Rage Against the War Machine"
A Libertarian Poem by Fred Stein

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Fall 2022 NJ Libertarian (screen friendly version) Popular

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Announcing Fall 2022 General Meeting

Libertarianism in Branchburg by Tara Murphy
Member-Submitted Bylaws Proposals by Several Members
The Over-Regulation of Craft Breweries in New Jersey by Chris Russomano
The LP and Vaccines by Jim Tosone
Open Letter to Senator Vin Gopal by Emerson Ellett
How I Became a Libertarian by Chris Russomano
A Critique of Hobbes's Social Contract Theory by Michael Manieri
Call for Candidates by Mark Kapengut

Summer 2022 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Defund the Police?
Reflections on our Republic
Taxation Event
Remembering Jerry Zeldin
Message to NJLP
A Well Regulated Militia
Yemen Can Wait
Qualified Immunity

Spring 2022 Newsletter Popular

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Note: The New Jersey Libertarian was printed in a magazine-style, so the pages are ordered differently in the printed copy.  Here is the Google Document submitted to the print shop.

  1. Project Full Slate by Francine Abel
  2. A Case for Libertarian Unity by Michael Manieri
  3. A Letter From Candidate Tara Murphy 
  4. Past is Prologue, Future is Epilogue by Gregg Mele
  5. A Blast From the Past: Two Letters From Vic Kaplan
  6. A Letter From Candidate Jason Cullen 
  7. Defend the Guard Act by Tara Lynn Fisher and Lynn Genrich
  8. Event Announcement: The NJ Medical Freedom Fest by NJ Mises Caucus 
  9. Bylaws Committee Report By: Bylaws Committee
  10. Bylaws Committee Minority Report By: Mark Kapengut as Bylaws committee member
  11. Bylaws Proposals By: Petition General Meeting organizing committee and signatories


Winter 2022 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Chair’s Message
Convention Announcement
Meeting by Petition Announcement
Tabling Funding Passes

Police Accountability Project News.
Call for Candidates
Platform Committee Report
Bylaws Committee Report
Member Submitted Bylaws Suggestions
Member Submitted Platform Suggestions
NJLP Affiliates with Voter Choice NJ
Convention Registration Info

Fall 2021 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Chair’s Message
Mele Campaign Homestretch
NJLP on Vaccine Mandates
Bylaws Committee Report
Additional Bylaws Recommendation
General Meeting Announcement

Summer 2021 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Chair’s Message
Mele Campaign News
Bylaws Recommendations
Libertarian Candidates
Tosone Campaign
Slamming the Front Door
Free the Crypto 6
Supreme Court Victory
Voter Choice NJ
Letter to Editor: Platform Changes
Convention Bylaws Issue
Membership Explosion
Picnic and Meeting Announcement

Winter 2021 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Convention Info
Bylaws Report
Another Herbert Hoover?
Extortion, Division, and Snow?
Dick Roth Passes
Getting Involved
Letter to Editor
Women in Liberty

Summer 2020 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Petitioning Effort
Member Spotlight
Libertarians and Coronavirus
Picnic/meeting Announcement

Winter 2020 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Election Information
Estate Settles Lawsuit
Lysander Spooner
NJ's War on Indpendent Contractors
Remembering Mark Richards
Effect of Wage Floors
Convention Registration (UPDATED for new location)

Fall 2019 NJ Libertarian Popular

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State Party News
Bowen Campaign Expresses Gratitude
Law Group Seeks Assistance
Ocean County Homelessness
Throw Your Vote Away?
Bank on a State Bank?
Letters to Editor
A Problem with Paternalism
General Meeting Info

Summer 2019 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Grow the Middle Class
Will NJ Be Next?
Rights, Not Privileges
Free to Choose
NJLP Picnic Information

Winter 2019 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Chair’s Message
On Minimum Wage
Bound Brooks Council Ethics
Activism Through Volunteering
NJ Taxing the Rain
Bastiat: Storyteller and Theorist
State Convention Info

Fall 2018 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Sabrin Campaign Update
Occupational Licensing
Marlene VerPlank
Minimum Wage Laws
Cannabis Legalization
Democrats and Republicans
Migrant Caravan
Letters to Editor

Summer 2018 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Sabrin Campaign Update
Less About the Gun
NJ Fiscal Suicide
Preventing Mass Shootings
Raritan Police Excessive Force
Libertarianism: A True Option
Letters to Editor
NJ UMR Demands More Discussion
NJLP Picnic Info

Spring 2018 NJ Libertarian Popular

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NJ Turnpike Uncontrolled Taxation
Bylaws Change Proposals
On Reflection
Letters to the Editor
Convention Information

Winter 2017-2018 Popular

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Year End Strategy Summary
What is a Libertarian?
Bylaws Change Proposal
NJ Home Baking
Letters to the Editor
Open Government Project News
Run for Office
Get Involved
Convention Information

Fall 2017 NJ Libertarian Popular

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Bylaws Amendment Proposal
2017 NJLP Candidates
NJ Elections are Rigged
Secession is not Treason
Vote Libertarian
News from Candidates
On Veterans Day: Who Should Thank Whom?
NJ Sports Betting